Green Family

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Train Ride

Ding ding! Ding ding! Me, Grandma, Mommy, Douglas and Nikki(they keep calling her Benten) are going home on the ding ding train. Mommy, Daddy, me and donut went to St.Catharines to visit Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Chris, Auntie Valerie , Brennan and Nikki (aka Benten). Now we're coming back on 2 ding ding trains. I got to sit beside Nikki on both trains. There was a tray right in my seat, I got hurt twice on it. We were on the train for 7 whole years , well maybe 7 whole hours. I got a ham and cheese sandwich from the dinner man... "Timothy Douglas just said "co-ol." That was Nikki.''The train rides were great. I hope I can go on the ding ding train again soon. I got to see Daddy again he left on Wednesday. Everyone laughs when I asked where Steve Wall was. I don't know why well bye bye for now.

p.s I have to go play with Nikki!

p.s.s Nikki or Benten or Brennanten which ever one !

Hi Douglas here...

I went on a tran I think. I remember a person called Bentn playing peek-a- boo and sticking out her tongue game with me. She kept leaving to go to timothy. Everyone kept smiling at me. I was sleeping, eating and getting changed most of the time. I woke up from a loud noise and we were in a dark tunnel full of trans and I didn't cry. Someone kept asking granma to get a porter and she said She has to stay with me. I'm a big boy , I can take care of bentn, timothy and me all by myself. I don't need her, I'm old enougfh to be by myself. At home Bentn was playing with me again , so I said Co-ol to her. She jumped up and told my mommy. Everybody wanted to pick me up so a pretended to sleep but bentn caught me with my eyes open everytime.Y...A..W...N... Well ...yaw..n I'm tired... bye bye it's snack time before I have a nap.

Donut , xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

(This posting is courtesy of Boo Tinkler)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nothing New To Report

No baby yet...and still not a stitch of action besides a few braxton hicks here and there. We visited the midwife this morning and all is well, my weight gain has slowed, baby heart rate is good and blood pressure has gone up a bit. I'm hoping that the blood pressure might be a sign that something will happen soon. We're hoping it will happen tomorrow so that the baby's birth will coincide with Geoff's Birthday. Otherwise, we'll just keep on waiting until the doughnut decides to arrive.

Now on to some Timothy updates because really that's why you all visit this site anyways. Timothy celebrated his 2nd Birthday November 10th. It was a pretty quiet affair compared to his first birthday - but he still made out like a bandit - 2 birthday cakes and lots of prezzies. Thomas the Tank Engine items were the gift of choice! Though he was pretty pleased with the Little Tikes Workshop his Daddy got him. The Bit was digging the birthday concept, but had trouble pronouncing the word so he was often singing "happy to you, happy to you"... he has since mastered the art of saying "birthday" and "Timothy"... now we just need to get him saying "Happy Birthday to Daddy" for tomorrow hmmm....

Timothy's other big news is that he has started to sleep in his big boy bed (aka toddler bed). This seems to be working at nightime, but naptimes not so much... he gets out of his bed and plays in his room and there isn't so much sleeping happening. So cross your fingers that he keeps up with the good work with staying in his bed at nightime.

The last little while we have been trying to teach our little man some manners like saying please, thank-you and you're welcome. This has been working out quite well, but some interesting things have been happening of late... like "thank-you" changed to "thanks" and now "thanks man"- where did he learn that? We try not to crack up everytime he says it, but it is pretty funny. I can't imagine what he'll come up with next.

So that's the report for today perhaps we'll have some exciting news soon so keep reading...

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Well for all of you that may be checking the blog and wondering about the whereabouts of number 2. There is nothing to report regarding their arrival. Our appointment last Tuesday confirmed that the baby was "locked and loaded," that is the head is engaged. I've had no action worth typing about! Today is officially the due date, but we all know how trustworthy those dates are. So we wait.

I confess I'm ready to lose the belly now, but then I'm enjoying the peace and quiet that is right now, well as much as it can be with a 2 year old in the house. Timothy senses that things are going to happen and I find him quite clingy right now. We're trying hard to make him aware that a new baby will be arriving soon, but the concept is still too abstract - and really it is for us too... I feel for the poor little guy, what IS he going to make of his new brother or sister?

It's pretty wintery here in Ottawa these days, we had a bout of freezing rain on Friday, followed by snow yesterday and today. So the baby will be coming home in a snowsuit, too bad for the him/her that we're not on the other side of the equator. Christmas shopping fever is in full swing in the capital city, we foolishly ventured out to the mall yesterday morning. Nothing could be more irritating for a pregnant lady at term then that.... my own fault since I suggested it. Although Aunty Emily benefitted by being visited by Timothy and receiving 2 kisses.

We'll try to keep you all posted on the events as the unfold....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Catching Up

Well there are really no excuses for the appalling lack of updates on the Green Family Blog. Timothy is quite cross with his mummy for not keeping everybody up-to-date, and rightly so. I'm sorry! So since the last entry lots and lots of things have happen to the Green Family.

1. Our family is growing.... doughnut #2, or tummy tinkler is expect to arrive sometime in early December.

2. We had a fantastic trip to the London England & Isle of Man in May. We spent time exploring London and catching up with Robert & Rhiannon. Timothy's passion for trains started on this trip - he learned the word and couldn't say it enough on the trip. He is now obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. We headed over to the Isle of Man to visit Great Grandma Tinkler and celebrate her 90th Birthday with Grandad and Grandma Tinkler. Pretty amazing - three generations of Tinkers in one place! The highlight of this part of the trip for Timothy was riding on the Manx Steam Train. The Isle of Man has many many sheep, this was another new word that Timothy learned on this trip. It didn't quite stick in his vocabulary like trains did.

3. Grandma Green came to visit us late in May and for the month of June to help us out while Timothy's care giver was taking care of her own new baby Ida. Timothy and Grandma had a grand time together going to the park and endlessly walking up and down the driveway pushing his toy lawn mower and wagon. I'm not sure that was as much fun for Grandma as it was for Timothy.

4. At the end of June we had a Green family reunion at the Montreal Jazz Festival. We met up with David, Jennifer and Randy. We had some good times dancing to some great jazz music in the streets of Montreal.

5. In August we visited the Tinkler family clan in St. Catharines where we enjoyed Grandma and Grandad Tinkler's lovely backyard. Timothy overcame his fear of water by running through a sprinkler for the first time! He LOVED hanging out with his cousins Brennan and Benten, often forgetting that Mummy or Daddy were even around! We also enjoyed a very nice family picnic at Niagara-on-the-lake, where hanging out in the wading pool was the best part of the day for Timothy, Brennan and Benten.

6. Also in August we bought a new car! As number two is on the horizon and we are fortunate enough to have both Grandmas’ making frequent visits to the capital city we decided that a larger vehicle was in order. We weren't quite ready for the full-on mini van, but I suppose most people would say we did - we ended up getting a Mazda 5. To me it doesn't look like a big clunky mini van. Ye lot can decide for yourselves and check out the pictures on the Mazda Web site.

7. We were treated with another visit from Grandma Green in September. Being the world traveler that she is, she was stopping in Ottawa before taking off for a European tour with her sister. Timothy was ever so pleased to see his Grandma! Especially when she came back from Europe donning him with many delightful gifts like slippers in the shape of Dutch clogs, a Pinocchio marionette, a teeny tiny double decker bus and a few other fun items.

8. In October we enjoyed a glorious Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was perfect and Timothy was delighted to spend oodles of time with his Cousin Benten as well as Grandma and Grandad Tink. We visited to the Agriculture Museum Farm and much time was spent playing with the cardboard house in the basement or outside in the yard in piles of leaves raked by Grandma and Grandad. Timothy still points to the piles of leaves and says Benten.

9. Well I haven't said much about Tummy Tinkler - all is well with him or her. She/he kicks me on a regular basis. I admit that I am as big as house and look forward to regaining part of my body in 6 weeks time. I can't reach my toes! And yes folks it is only 6 weeks until the big day (December 3rd). I don't think Geoff and I have quite caught on that this is not many months away anymore.

10. Timothy is starting to speak in sentences and sings! His first official sentence was: "I like it in the new car" and his first recognizable tune with words was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". His language skills are developing at an incredible rate and he is stringing more and more sentences and thoughts together. We'll try to capture some of this on digital video and post... it's pretty sweet stuff.

Well friends & family that it's for now... I will TRY to better about posting our news. We are looking at alternate methods of posting pics as it is painful exercise at the moment to add pics to the blog. So I promise new pictures of the Timbit and the rest of us will be up soon. Really we know you only come to see pictures of Timothy.

Bye for now

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Newfoundland in March

Oh daddy's pulling out all his old stuff from when he was a kid. Don't look....

Apparently we are at Grandma's place because I'm getting baptized. I have no idea what this means...except that my head got wet - what is up with that?

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I was SO EXCITED at the beginning of February because my Uncle Chris, Aunty Val and cousins Benten and Brennan were coming for a visit. They were coming for Winterlude and it was going to be the best time ever. Well it was a good time, but there a few hitches: like I was sick and winterlude was more like Waterlude - it wasn't cold enough, the snow and ice were melting but that didn't matter because I got to see my cousins and we had lots of fun, even if the weather wasn't cold.

Me and Cousin Benten

Making home made pasta- hmmmm- delicious!

Hey what's Daddy got on his head?!

Cousin Brennan, Cousin Benten and ME

Who's that sitting next to Daddy?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My first Time on the Rideau Canal

Yay! I finally got to use my sled Grandma Green gave me for my birthday. FINALLY my parents took me to the Rideau canal it was fun but the ice looked more like slush to me and I wanted to get all wet but my parents wouldn't let me. But they did let me walk on the canal for a little bit and I ate a beaver tail. Yummie - I think we should do that more often 'cause I like the beaver tails.

Me,My Sled and My Dad

My First Beaver Tail!

Checking out the slushy canal!

Family Portrait

The Little People

Well, it's been awhile and in January Mummy and Daddy kept talking about an election. I kept hearing names like Stephen Harper, Mr. Dithers and Jack Layton - I wondered who are these chumps? I didn't understand why we kept watching these people on our TV. It was boring, I mean we had my drum to play with and my little people. If I had a choice on this voting thing Iwould have voted for the Little People - or I should say animals... see aren't they cute? I bet they would have done a great job at running the country - I mean who would say no to these guys?

Well my vote didn't count for much and that Stephen guy won. I heard he likes cats and kittens. Maybe he won't be so bad? Well whatever, I got Mum and Dad back and there was no more boring TV. Which was great 'cause I had lots of stuff to do with my drum.